Stop crumbling your business with 3 common website design mistakes

A website design is not just a face for your business but it serves as the very ground to establish your business. You’ll never reach your ROI potential if you keep on dragging the jargons of basic website design. Also, you’ll not be able to scratch the surface with a monotonous and fussy design. Every website and business are unique with a certain set of goals.

But what stops you in achieving your target? It’s common mistakes which are overlooked during the process. It’s mandatory to work around this hitch to monetary every visit or purchase done through the website.


1. Ease of Accessibility on Mobile Phone – The studies show that in the year 2016, there were approx 4.61 billion mobile users in the world and this stats is likely to rise in 2019 up to than 5 billion. Now, you surely don’t want to skip that many user-base only because you do not have a nicely crafted mobile application. Mobile shoppers dislike those websites which are not optimized for mobile shopping. The whole nine yards of company’s success lie on the mobile compatibility of the website. So, create a checklist while preparing a mobile app/ customizing your website for smartphones.

Can customers easily access shopping cart?

Is the content aligned properly?

Is the design fit for all phone models?

2.Appealing and Responsive Web Design | A real game changer- Before starting the initial test of website design take a step back and think from a perspective of the new comer. If you saw this website for the first time what will be your reaction ? Is your design appealing to targeted audience ? IS CTA visible? If you can not find the answer to these questions then possible it’s time to re-think the design. Imagine you are going to an online store where you couldn’t locate a checkout option clearly. Wouldn’t that be annoying ?

Perform weekly checks and if there are any snafu, resolve it !

3.A fussy design is not compelling – You might have heard the quote ‘Keep it Simple’. Crowding the page with a lot of information is big NO. It’s not just about the content but also about images, graphics, and banners. The design should not be fussy. The Sidebar of the website should be left less chaotic. There should be enough spacing between two products/ articles. You need to figure out the genre of your customers and how they will feel when they’ll visit your website. Will they be annoyed or amused ?

These were top 3 common mistakes that developers make while making website design, don’t just gaze through the topic, embed the knowledge in your work and let the magic happen.

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