Stop business penalty with best SEO Hacks

There are pitfalls and hurdles along the way to success. Everyone pitch their ideas about SEO and marketing as per their exposure but no one understands every business necessities and way of operation is different and unique. No two businesses are common in their working and visibility. If one with same services is on top, other might be running to catch up. SEO is the ultimate ladder to success that drives your online business top on the search engine. The SEO can be rewarding if done in the correct manner but things will fall into place with time and experience.

Initially, whatever strategies you implement, google will make you crazy. Your results might ricochet around Google’s SERP not providing with the appropriate status of your website, which is enough to frustrate the newcomers who thought SEO as their only source to become shining star in the industry. With a high degree of certainty, it can be concluded that there are things that you should not do to avoid any penalty either on your business or the company you are working for.


It is not about blaming newcomers who are driven by small SEO classes by their near ones but often SEO experts make repetitive mistakes and plunge their company in huge penalty by google. Right from choosing keywords to Meta tags, everything needs to be in sync for a successful website to be on top. Here are some honest and real SEO mistakes to avoid or else get ready for a huge penalty in terms of money as well as position.

1. Don’t even dare to miss title tag, while most of the businesses start their website on WordPress ignore this most common and basic tactic to score well on search engine. With the smart allocation of keywords in title and description can help you reach soaring high.

2. Instead of stuffing your blog or website with numerous keywords, aim for low priority and unique ones. This will help Google in searching the best substitute for search results. Non-sense stuffing of keywords not only make it abrupt for crawling but makes difficult for customers to read and analyze.

3. Often it is said if SEO is the queen then the content is the King. Gone are the days when people used to read just the tagline and move ahead with the last part. Now it’s more about quality over quantity. Even though you write less it should be appealing to eyes with capturing images, associated natural links and boasting keywords.

4. Mobile –Friendly website – Ask yourself, would you look up a website if it does not function properly on mobile or does not have an app? The answer would be a big no. So, learning from the mistakes and make your website mobile-SEO friendly and is speedy as more than 50% customers are mobile users.

Don’t be obsessed over hitting the customers with everything you got. Collect the best things and make something beautiful out of it. The chance of running an online business is a responsible and skillful task, make the best out of it.

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