Chirpping out loud on twitter | Enhancing Business Engagement

Getting a retweet on your post is a backbreaking task for many businesses. The struggle to harness the true power of twitter for your blog is taking critical time of SMO’s. Unlike other social media platform where you can create a page solely for your business is aloof from twitter. As a matter of fact you can create a close group on twitter but dragging people to the group is again a no-win task.

However, businesses can get more engagement from twitter post using these plan of tweeting. If you focus on illustrated simple tactics, you’ll easily see yourself killing on tweets and even trending.
Whether you are an eagle or a minnow in the twitter world, you can use these tricks to drive more traffic to your business posts.


#repitition – Updates are easily missed on twitter because it is not just another social media platform. Even if you have followers, they will skip your post if not found on top while they login to the account. You can tweet one post multiple times by sharing the heading, picture, and quote at first, then later sharing the crux of the post in a mysterious way to instigate customers to click on the link. That is what you want. Isn’t it ?

#tags – It is proven that post with engaging and popular hashtags receive more engagement than others. But don’t be a fool in the subject-matter. Use #tags related to your domain and post. Rack brains to search for best and possible hashtags for your post and pay attention to your tags influencers in your niche. This simple trick along with the use of relevant trending hashtag can be like the magic wand for your under recognised posts.

#CorrectUseofTags – The way a #tag is placed in the post and the way it is written also matters. Being consistent with the hashtag can also help in engaging more people. This will help them in sharing the content among their group. Indeed making more retweets.

#picturespeaklouderthanwords – Having a plain text with #tags is incomplete to gain popularity. With the feature of adding a link or an attractive image accompanying your post is more important than ever for businesses. It will help drive more clicks on the shared link or image with the posts. The image should be such which incentivize people to click. A little bit of cheating is also allowed as most posts come and go. Add some images from your favorites and see the magic.

Picking a handful of tactics can help businesses grow or anyone who is willing to hard work and smart work. So, be consistent, be generous and tweet, tweet, and tweet.

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